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Q: What is pairs trading?

Ans: Pairs trading is a market-neutral strategy where one stock is bought and another is sold simultaneously. Read more here.

Clearnifty has developed a proprietary pairs trading platform where you can test pairs for feasibility for pairs trading free of cost. Check out the platform.

Q: What are pairs trading recommendations?

Ans: Clearnifty provide pairs trading recommendations to its premium users. You can have a look at all old recommendations here.

To understand pairs trading recommendations, please check our tutorial.

Q: How to become a clearnifty's premium user and get pairs trading recommendations?

Ans: You can get a free trial for 1 week by registering here. After 1 week, service is paid.

Q: Do you send pairs trading recommendations by SMS?

Ans: Right now, pairs trading recommendations are sent over email only and not by SMS. Emails are sent to your registered email-id between 3:00PM and 3:25 PM on every trading day. Note that there might not be a recommendation on a trading day if our trading system does not find any trading opportunity.

Q: How to keep track of live divergence?

Ans: Read our tutorial here.

Q: How much quantity/lots to trade?

Ans: To find the number of future lots to trade for a given pair, you need to login on and visit that particular pairs page. You will find the required information on the pairs page itself.

For example, for pair Sunpharma-Lupin, on this page, it is recommended that For every 3 futures lot of LUPIN, trade 2 futures lot of SUNPHARMA.. That is, if recommendation is Long Sunpharma and Short Lupin, you should buy 2 future lots of Sunpharma and sell 3 future lots of Lupin. If you have spare margin and want to put more money in this trade then you can buy 4 future lots of Sunpharma and sell 6 future lots of Lupin.

Note that on the recommendations page here, quantities are chosen such that total investment in one trade is Rs 2 Lacs. While actually doing trades, you will be trading in future lots and you have to trade such that ratio of quantity remains as stated here.

Q: When trading in futures, future of which expiry date should we trade?

Ans: Consider two points:

Remember you would need to roll out open positions to the next expiry if positions are open on an expiry day.

Q: Do you send an intimation to close the trade?

Ans: No. In the recommendation itself, we state the exit condition. A position can be exited under 3 conditions

You have to keep track of live divergence yourself.

Q: How to learn pairs trading?

Ans: Get free trail of clearnifty's premium service here. Then as you receive live recommendations, do paper trades i.e., don't place traded with actual money but note them as if you would have done while actually trade. Then follow the trade everyday till it closes.

Q: What are least-risk recommendations?

Ans: Recommendations mentioned as LR (here) are least-risk recommendations where probability of loss is least. If you want to trade selective recommendations, then just trade LR recommendations. Note that it doesn't mean that other recommendations are risky, we want to provide recommendations for users with lesser margin money to trade who can not trade all recommendations.

Q: Can I trade pairs trading recommendations using stock options?

Ans: Usually, we suggest trading in futures. But you can also trade in options if following is true:

If you have any other query, feel free to mail us at

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