Short-term (Swing) Trading - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is short-term trading?

Ans: Short-term trading is a method of trading where positions are taken for a short-term time frame usually less than 20 trading days.

Q: What are short-term recommendations?

Ans: Clearnifty has developed a proprietary short-term trading platform where stocks are backtested on historical data under various strategies and the most profitable strategies are picked to give recommendations to users.

Clearnifty provide short-term recommendations to its premium users. You can have a look at all old recommendations here.

Q: How to become a clearnifty's premium user and get short-term recommendations?

Ans: You can get a free trial for 1 week by registering here. After 1 week, service is paid.

Q: Do you send short-term recommendations by SMS?

Ans: Right now, short-term recommendations are sent over email only and not by SMS. Emails containing recommendations are sent to your registered email-id between 3:00PM and 3:25 PM on every trading day. Note that there might not be a recommendation on a trading day if our trading system does not find any trading opportunity.

Q: At what price to enter the trade?

Ans: Price will be mentioned in the recommendation.Price will be underlying equity. As you would be trading in futures, you should try to execute the trade "near" that price only. Near could mean plus minus 0.5%. Also, note that futures would be trading at a premium or discount. So you need to take that into account too.

Try to enter the trade at the price mentioned in the mail or very close to that price only.

Q: How much quantity/lots to trade?

Ans: You would be doing the trades in futures segment, so you need to atleast buy or sell one future lot. Depending on the margin and risk-appetite you have, increase the number of lots. But remember don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Q: Do you send an intimation to close the trade?

Ans: No. In the recommendation itself, we state the exit condition.

You have to keep track of live prices yourself and exit when target or stop loss is reached. Note that for some trades, only holding period in terms of trading days is specified. Exit this trade after number of recommended trading days have elapsed.

For example, some recommendations have exit condition as hold position for 2 trading days then if you have entered position today then you have to exit after 2 trading days (day after tomorrow or if holiday comes then skip that day). In this case, you would ideally want to exit at closing price (sometime in between 3PM and 3:30PM).

Q: How to learn short-term trading?

Ans: First you need to understand basic technical indicators like rsi, macd, sma, adx etc. Please see out tutorial here.

Then, get free trail of clearnifty's premium service here. Then as you receive live recommendations, do paper trades i.e., don't place traded with actual money but note them as if you would have done while actually trade. Then follow the trade everyday till it closes.

Q: Can I trade swing recommendations using stock options?

Ans: Usually, we suggest trading in futures. But you can also trade in options if following is true:

Q: Can I trade swing recommendations in cash segment?

Ans: Buy recommendations can be traded but you can short in cash.

Q: Some recommendations are generated repeatedly?

Ans: A signal can be generated any number of times and we send a recommendation whenever a signal is generated. Note that for one stock only one recommendation will be sent in one trading day.

It is upto you to accumulate more position as you receive repeated recommendations. Or you can choose to ignore repeated recommendations.

Note that we send repeated recommendations for people who join late i.e. people who have registered today should get this recommendation even if the same recommendation was given out yesterday or before.

Q: How is backtesting done?

Ans: Please note that we can not give you all the details as this is proprietary platform but here are some details (liable to change without notice):

Q: What does 1 Trading day mean for a recommendation which has been triggered at 11:00 AM today? Today's close? Tomorrow's close? Tomorrow 11AM?

Ans: Tomorrow's close i.e., exit trade between 3PM and 3:30PM as close price is weighted average price of all the trades in this last half hour.

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Good Trading!

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